Pulsating pathways,

                A flexible muse

                                Rolling & twisting,

                                                Cracking and vulnerable.


The Rhythm is earth,

                The world interconnected.

                                Weaving the pearl within,

                                                Aching waves of movement.


Ancient unions,

                Historic relationships;


                                                Far reaching strength.


Wisdom and guidance,

                Braiding ball and chain

                                Intertwined forever;


Balancing noose,

                Fluid breath,

                                Shaking in infinity;


2006-2009 Kyler Evans, All rights reserved.

NOTE: Permission for the use of my images is granted for personal websites and blogs (THAT MEANS NO ADDS AND NO SELLING OF ANY KIND) but must include a link back to this site and proper credit given to me for my work, Kyler Evans.

Link to be used…(



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