Couple things I’m working on

Here is are a couple things I am working on at the moment. It’s been a while and I am trying to continue to post, so here they are, both diptych’s one oil the other liquid acrylic. The shine one the black piece is not flash it is gold and silver shimmer, oh boy.  Ennnnjoy.



On with the winter solstice – not the end

As we are slowly ushered into the new era some are waiting for the end (December 21 last day on the Mayan calendar) – these days I suppose I may also be guilty of this with all the nihilism that has been going around like a virus through my system. Is there any hope for society and human beings? This is a very good question, one that can only be answered by stating that hope is a false sense of security, but it sure feels good sometimes to pretend that there is not only security in our lives/world, but also control.

Ahhh control.

If you are one who feels like you have control, think again, you have responsibility. Responsibility to act, to inform yourself, to do everything yourself. You are responsible! The world is not going to hold your hand while you are waiting to find “control.” Too bad it doesn’t work this way. Of course this has turned into more of an end of the year jaded rant in which I am writing as I somehow just sorted out that I can write blog entries on the go on my iPhone, sorry smart phone. Apple does not need anymore plugs!

This is a little all over the place, but what do you want when I have not written since August, or I guess what do I want. Who is actually asking the question? That is the real question. Consciousness, will humanity begin to embrace some consciousness evolution or just continue to grow through our technology and narcissism? Some seem to think we are going to be ushered into a golden age as we are, fucking obviously, in a dark age now. So what do you think? And before you answer that who is it that is thinking?

In closing here is a photo of a painting I am working on, really free expressionism here, no goal and staying with using gravity to ground the viewer as well as the paint. Bringing us to the ground, where we always dwell. I can go on and on….but this was supposed to be in closing.


Testing out the 85

Since every once in a while we need to take some time out for ourselves and without the time to process or post photos, I have taken a little time today to do so. Also thanks to my brother-in-law I was able to borrow  his 85mm Nikon 1.8 which is a nice little prime I have used in the past. Here are a few shots I took a couple of weeks ago that I just posted on Flickr and will post here as well…Enjoy, and there is a ton of stuff to go through in the next while so look forward to some more macro, abstract, darkness and light painting coming your way in the near future!

Meeting the Shadow

I have recently been teaching a class entitled Creative Arts & Self-Inquiry which focuses on the testing of reality from various theoretical orientations and understandings as well as an inquiry into the Self. Using Jung as a jump off point and bringing in Neo-Jungian concepts has been a return to the shadow for myself as the universe always seems to have an interesting way of throwing things back your way.

Hate and rage is something that most of us deal with at one point or another in our lives. And to look at the state of society these days one can see that there really is not much hope in looking to others unless we are able to look into our Selves and reconcile some of the opposing forces in which we deny or run from. Jung explains this as our persona (our public face), which is essentially a compromise between you and the world. For example; as a student you may receive a low mark and be enraged at you low mark; you approach your instructor and repress the anger and rage as you know that it is not socially acceptable to release your anger on someone in that context and would probably be concerned that you may get yourself into trouble. Where do you think all that anger goes if it is not released? Into the shadow that holds all our unwanted emotions and parts of our personality, which is held in the unconscious.

Art is a great way to release the shadow, or at least begin to accept and befriend it. As we begin to touch the dark seedy part of us all, we begin to expand our sense of personality and thus can understand that we are a sum of our parts, not just one aspect as we tend to believe. This assists in having a wider view of ourselves and the world around us as we can see that so much of our struggle and strive in life is by our own creation.

Below is a shot that I did after an intense session of writing, drawing, and painting in which I feel really brings this concept to life – feeling an intense distaste the entire time.  It speaks for itself.



So I have apparently lapsed yet again in the blogging area. I have in turn finally found an office in Downtown Lethbridge to which I have now painted and also turned an adjacent room into a studio of sorts. Looks pretty good at the moment a few more things and Im good to go. Just to find some clients now…Marketing is really not my thing, but I suppose I will have to learn pretty quick here. And on that note. Here are the flowers (again, go to the flickr icon at the top right if you would like to see them larger):

Right Handed

So I am predominantly right-handed, but do a lot of things left-handed as well. And am very right-brained as well – anyone who knows me or has read through some of this blog can figure out the right-brained bit. Right brained individuals are said to be more creative, which I can attest to, but can also be a way for ADHD to manifest in an individual. Thats sort of me in a nut shell, lots of great ideas and creative ability, but lose focus pretty fast on most things. My brain chemistry is a little different from most because of this whole right-handed/left-handed bit as well. There is a clinical name for how my mind is set up, but of course I can not remember what it is. The only reason that I even know about it all is that a good friend of mine, who is set up with the same right/left weirdo anomaly that I have, was tested for some reason and told me all about it. Funny too because we are both very alike in many, many ways.

Anyway, I am right-handed but golf, bat, shoot (in hockey), and do most things like this left-handed. That is the whole thing of it. But here are a few shots that I have taken lately to illustrate different points. The interpretation is always up to the viewer, although some may strongly disagree, but this is the reality…we all walk around with our own ideas, and ways in which to see the world. My right hand…

Oh yea, the tattoo on my thumb was done in NYC in 2003 as a momento of the whole experience. I knew it wouldnt stay, stay on my thumb; and have had it gone over probably 4-5 times since. It is there but is fading for sure, as all tattoos do over time.

The larger tattoo over my wrist is three parts. The top 1/2 says “Nowhere to go” Meaning this moment is all we have so we may as well just relax into it, amoung many other meanings which I will not write about now. This is a Zen ideal. Along the side (right side of wrist) is a small lotus. If you dont get the lotus symbolism look it up. “At home in the muddy water” is a good analogy for life and the peaceful warrior. and on the bottom of my wrist is the Buddha’s eyes in a meditative like state. Blue highlights all over the entire piece. Anyway…

Abstract Painting with Light

Here are a few shots I took with my brother-in-law in the last while. I decided to throw up a few on flickr today so also thought I would throw up a few here as well. Check it out on flickr if you want to see the large versions. A lot of detail in some of them! Was a lot of fun and am looking forward to doing some more in the future with my little lights that I picked up…


All Images Copyright Kyler Evans 2010

Self Portrait Project

Here it is….

Take a self-portrait and post 3 things about yourself: I already posted this to my flickr site so thought I would set it up here as well.

1.) I took a break from report writing to do all this. Something I probably should have had done 3 weeks ago – give or take.

2) I am enthralled with the idea of the self-portrait as a way to create a new awareness of the individual and to capture a diary of sorts of an individual. Rembrandt, Van Gogh, De Kalo (Frida), are 3 artists who did this throughout their lives and captured amazing pieces of themselves while doing each and every one. They were not photographers, but painters, and amazing ones at that. I can say that as a photographer, it has really taken me a purchase of a compact digital – where I can look at the frame of the shot – to get any self portrait at all. But did thoroughly enjoy my drawing session, doing a self-portrait with a large mirror in front of me as it was done by the 3 artists mentioned above…

3) I went off way too much on #2 to include a #3….

Visit Flickr to check out the photo, just at the top there, ya at the right….There you go.

One Love

G11 Shots

It hath been a fort night – or a few fort nights (around 7 months or so) – that I hath rambled in technologicia. So I am blogging again, whatever that means or symbolizes in this saga that is 1/2 public, 1/2 really unknown world that is cyber space or “technologicia.” Enough on that lets get to the shots….why we are all truly here to view this site at all, or at least it would seem it to myself for this entry.

These are just a couple shots from the G11 that I picked up just after Christmas. Nice that I am getting around to editing some of them now, I know, I know…but what can you do? Here they are….

Please check these out in flickr to see them a little larger…just up on the top right of the screen, yup, just up there…

All Photos Copyright Kyler Evans 2009-2010.