On with the winter solstice – not the end

As we are slowly ushered into the new era some are waiting for the end (December 21 last day on the Mayan calendar) – these days I suppose I may also be guilty of this with all the nihilism that has been going around like a virus through my system. Is there any hope for society and human beings? This is a very good question, one that can only be answered by stating that hope is a false sense of security, but it sure feels good sometimes to pretend that there is not only security in our lives/world, but also control.

Ahhh control.

If you are one who feels like you have control, think again, you have responsibility. Responsibility to act, to inform yourself, to do everything yourself. You are responsible! The world is not going to hold your hand while you are waiting to find “control.” Too bad it doesn’t work this way. Of course this has turned into more of an end of the year jaded rant in which I am writing as I somehow just sorted out that I can write blog entries on the go on my iPhone, sorry smart phone. Apple does not need anymore plugs!

This is a little all over the place, but what do you want when I have not written since August, or I guess what do I want. Who is actually asking the question? That is the real question. Consciousness, will humanity begin to embrace some consciousness evolution or just continue to grow through our technology and narcissism? Some seem to think we are going to be ushered into a golden age as we are, fucking obviously, in a dark age now. So what do you think? And before you answer that who is it that is thinking?

In closing here is a photo of a painting I am working on, really free expressionism here, no goal and staying with using gravity to ground the viewer as well as the paint. Bringing us to the ground, where we always dwell. I can go on and on….but this was supposed to be in closing.


A Journey Begins with a Small Step

Life is a crazy place to be sometimes, and this is why I am setting this blog up. I still don’t really get the whole “blog,” “website,” and whatever else things. But, nevertheless, I have somehow amassed a website (www.arisingphoenix.ca) which is still under construction due to my amazing webpage building abilities, but can be used with the back button from the home page (sorry that’s what I got for now). I could not really decide whether the website would be personal or more business focused. So here is the more personal part of what I am putting out on the web. This blog will mostly encompass; creativity, poetry, visual art, photography, psychology, Spirituality*, philosophy, and whatever else you can call whatever it is that I am always writing, thinking, living, breathing, and sometimes avoiding cause it is a little much. You have to feel some empathy (not sympathy, this is an important distinction in life and all should understand that sympathy is actually somewhat harmful. If you don’t know Google it…) for my wife; she has to live with me and is the one who suggested this blog to communicate my wannabe artesianism.

And that is that for the time being. I will leave you with a quote; “the spiritual path is not fun–better not being it. if you must begin, then go all the way, because if you begin and quit, the unfinished business you have left behind begins to haunt you all the time” (Chogyam Trungpa, The Myth of Freedom)

*I once understood the meaning of this word, but now I don’t really know what it means, it is too household a name to have much meaning to me now, but I will suppose that maybe it is not that way for all.