Self Portrait Project

Here it is….

Take a self-portrait and post 3 things about yourself: I already posted this to my flickr site so thought I would set it up here as well.

1.) I took a break from report writing to do all this. Something I probably should have had done 3 weeks ago – give or take.

2) I am enthralled with the idea of the self-portrait as a way to create a new awareness of the individual and to capture a diary of sorts of an individual. Rembrandt, Van Gogh, De Kalo (Frida), are 3 artists who did this throughout their lives and captured amazing pieces of themselves while doing each and every one. They were not photographers, but painters, and amazing ones at that. I can say that as a photographer, it has really taken me a purchase of a compact digital – where I can look at the frame of the shot – to get any self portrait at all. But did thoroughly enjoy my drawing session, doing a self-portrait with a large mirror in front of me as it was done by the 3 artists mentioned above…

3) I went off way too much on #2 to include a #3….

Visit Flickr to check out the photo, just at the top there, ya at the right….There you go.

One Love