Been a Crazy Long Time!

It has been a while so I thought I would just throw up a few photos, just cause…Enjoy.

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Last Nights Shots

Been a while since I have posted, or feels like it. Have quite a few shots in the mix these days. Here is the first set of a few night shots. I thought I better post these before I post some more cemetary night shots again (I know, I know, I vowed to not go back for a little while…a little while).

I know that a lot of people do not like the “streetlight orange/city light glow” but that is really what these shots are. I find that it brings an interesting look, or at least can. All in all I think that is what I enjoy about night photography, just letting the sensor saturate the light in different ways to get various effects.

Deer Staredown

Deer Staredown

Pedestrian Walkway

Pedestrian Walkway

Starlight Bridge

Starlight Bridge

I have found the propect of a B&W HDR very appealing these days, so here is another one…I like the effect, especially with night shots, the grain and all looks like a pencil drawing. Would love to hear some comments…

Starlight Bridge HDR B&W

Starlight Bridge HDR B&W

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Whoop Up Hill

Unbalanced lighting

What a beautiful night last night, so open and free. The warmth was also a nice change from the -20 that it has been lately. Getting out of the truck at the top of the hill, while walking to the destination it was pointed out that the lights were flickering, and they were. It was wild to see the energy of the lights moving like a pulsating beast. I cant remember seeing the pulsing that clearly for a long time, amazing. It is very easy to take joy in the little things and sit back in awe; but just as easy to forget how mind blowing and amazing this world really is. The layers of truth, reality, and consciousness. And two of us are just out on the top of the bridge taking it all in, the sounds, the lights, the patterns, simplistic, multilayered, intense. Unfortunately I was the only one with a functioning camera (forgotten batteries) so we were only there for a short while. Here are a couple of the shots, or I guess a few. After using a nice carbon fibre tripod, I am even more unhappy with my run of the mill tripod, such is the nature of grapsing and craving of the mind. One day, but no use to pine.

All in all, I will be going back to shoot sometime this week…

 Here is the HDR



And here is the ambulence that ripped up the hill, I didnt get the shot I wanted to cause I was trying to set up another shot at the time and am generally very slow moving when it comes to much of anything. Hope you enjoy.

Rushing Ambulence

 Check them out in Flickr if you want full size..


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