So I have apparently lapsed yet again in the blogging area. I have in turn finally found an office in Downtown Lethbridge to which I have now painted and also turned an adjacent room into a studio of sorts. Looks pretty good at the moment a few more things and Im good to go. Just to find some clients now…Marketing is really not my thing, but I suppose I will have to learn pretty quick here. And on that note. Here are the flowers (again, go to the flickr icon at the top right if you would like to see them larger):

Going Through Old Photos

Since it is so ridiculously cold I have decided to go through a bunch of old photos to see what I can come up with. I have been trying to make my way through all the shots on my external hard drive, but still have not gotten very far. I tend to take a bunch of shots, upload them, look at them quick, process one or two, and then leave the whole batch of em for some other day. I dont really like to process on the computer, it is way too slow (on my piece of shit computer) and I dont feel like I am doing anything (unlike when I am shooting, sculpting, painting, writing and what have you). So I have been doing nothing (editing photos) off and on today and last night, so here are a few.

These shots are from the Huge Garden in Summerland BC up in the Hill (I cant remember what it is called). They are also some of the first shots I had ever taken with my D40x in summer 2006. These were not shot in Raw cause I did not have much of a memory card back then, and was mostly using the “closeup” or “landscape” setting as I was still trying to learn, but some of them arnt half bad. Let me know what you think (and as always you can click on my flickr photo link to see them screen size and many more shots from the Summerland Garden of 2006):

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Grasshopper in a Flower Bed


Web of all Webs


Bee on the Move


Glowing Red