Breaks in Reality

After looking at some of my writing I am thinking I will try and add one piece a day, or maybe more. This piece gives a good sense of the experience of no-self and the fear and madness that can ensue when one cannot slow down the mind. Slowing down the mind has been a real struggle for me since I began this journey and is becoming a key to my own sanity really. The mind acts as the self trying to grasp onto something to come back into existence, but it is only a construct of who we think that we are. We are all in fact just one; one entity that continues through life not recognizing the freedom in oneness, wholeness. It is a beautiful thing to access this state and other states of reality that we do not see regularly. This can be done through many different forms of meditation as well as many other avenues, but can take years. As Alex Grey puts it, “These or other related methods may trigger experiences that take the aspirant from a mundane perception of reality, wherein objects seem separate and composed of only material properties, to a view of divine unity with boundless depth of dimension and meaning.” (The Mission of Art).

So next time you experience reality in a new or different way, open your heart, not your mind, and see where the universe leads you. Hopefully you can go back home! 






The self has died

Only to give way to a vast energy which can not be described accurately

It penetrates all layers

Cutting into nowhere and everywhere

Numb body

Dull vision

Racing mind

Frantic energy

            Unable to come back to the body

            Intensity comes through all areas of the vehicle

            Gone, gone, beyond gone

            This new dimension in which there is no release


Hurting ears

Penetrating essence

Crunching leaves

            Paranoia sets in and I can not handle it

            Stepping over anything that will break silence

            Fear of all that may be

            I can not hide from the essence of this experience



Loss of control


            I am overcome with the guilty pleasure

            I want to get revenge and leave this body

            Release this nothing into nothingness

            Where it fucking belongs!





            It can no longer be done

            There is no solace from the madness

            No ground to stand on

            Only vast luminous emptiness








2006-2009 Kyler Evans, All rights reserved.

NOTE: Permission for the use of my images is granted for personal websites and blogs (THAT MEANS NO ADDS AND NO SELLING OF ANY KIND) but must include a link back to this site and proper credit given to me for my work, Kyler Evans.

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