A Few Quick Shots on a Monday Afternoon

Here is a couple shots I took yesterday on my class break and while setting up my class. I have brought my camera out before but never tend to use it. It is a very different place as it is on a First Nations Reserve and the college building is the old residential school. I do feel quite fortunate to have had the opportunity to teach out there for a couple years now, giving me a window into the First Nations culture and struggles that they face.  Sunspots

And here is a chair out back surrounded by bags that are blown there during the crazy wind that blows through the Southern Alberta plains a lot of the time.

Residential Remains


And greyscale conversion of a different angle

Sunspots B&W

Hope you enjoy! I will leave you with a shot of a Sundance Pole that I took last year when teaching my Healing through the arts class. We went to the site to take it in and learn to see with different eyes, eyes of the sacred, deeply seeing. Check out http://www.alexgrey.com/ or his book The Mission of Art for more info on that.

Sundance Pole 2

Again, please click on the right hand side to go to Flickr to see these shots in full size if you are interested…


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